State of the Economy 2010 complete version

Here is a link where you can view and download my complete “State of the Economy 2010” report as a PDF file.


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  • Edward Rooster

    Well written, to the point and intellectually honest. It’s not just because I agree with all the major points and observations. Would love to forward this to Marc Faber, assuming he hasn’t already seen this. It ties with Hugh Hendry’s views, of which he has been the minority (for now). Sigh…Here’s to some glimmer of light around 2012 (hope the Mayans were wrong).

  • Thank you for the compliment. I think Faber would disagree with my inflation conclusion since he has been preaching hyperinflation. But, it would be an honor to have him read it.

  • Mr. Harding:
    Thank you so much for this thorough, inciteful and sometimes downright
    scary article. In spite of all the “catastrophe” possibilities, your
    ending of the piece on such a positive note, perhaps gives the reader a little hope in the resolute determination of the people of the greatest nation on earth.
    Well done.

  • James Lewis

    Great report. I agree that we are in for a VAT of some shape and not just the Tobin Tax on financial transactions that seems to be gaining ground. Just heard Lord Rothschild tell CNBC on Friday that he is behind that one too, no doubt he will volunteer his bank to process this world wide Tobin Tax as he did the now-apparently-at-least delayed Carbon Tax. In addition, I think that Faber may well turn out to be correct with his call for hyperinflation, but just early with his call. I don’t see how we can escape double digit inflation somewhere down the road. Thanks for being even handed and thoughtful, I’ll look forward to more here and at ZH.

  • dietwald

    I guess not much harm can come from holding cash and gold :)

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    Thank you from Sacramento, CA.