The Beauty of Critical Thinking


3 comments to The Beauty of Critical Thinking

  • Bearster

    Great piece, but this guy (I’ve seen a number of his other videos) makes two errors:
    1) falsifiability is the criteria proposed by Karl Popper that all valid propositions must have. This is an attempt to separate faith-based beliefs from reality and reason. But it does so by non-essentials. The essential is not if a statement is “falsifiable” (i.e. what would it take to prove it wrong), but whether it says something about reality–and whether what it says is true.

    2) His discussion of “black and white thinking” is itself a false alternative. Either one is rational and skeptical, or else one adopts oversimplified beliefs not based in reality. But as Ayn Rand noted, if you see gray it’s because you cannot yet resolve the black and the white. Facts are not gray (and I don’t think this presenter means to imply they are).

    • I agree (I think). I think the point of view of the video was probably from a skeptic/humanist perspective rather than a treatise on logical reasoning. He has a point to make and it’s directed at religious/faith-based folks. Good comment. Thanks.