The Daily Capitalist on Fox Business News

This interview today was in response to my article, “Bernanke Will Be Forced To Do QE3“. The article was republished on MarketWatch, among other sites. I came with a few punchlines, knowing that the interview would not be “in depth.”


Fox Business News was gracious enough to arrange a live interview today (Friday) with Lori Rothman, one of the FBN anchors. Understand that she is looking for some good sound bites. I hope I gave her some.


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  • Great interview Jeff! For someone who’s a long-time reader it was interesting to see the face behind the Daily Capitalist as well. Too bad you didn’t get a chance to elaborate what would happen if Bennie starts tinkering with the IOER, personally I think that could be the nail in the coffin for the USD.

    It is very encouraging that “End the FED” is now going mainstream, it will be interesting to see how many more go “anti-FED” when the real inflation hits at some undefined point in the future.

  • Matt

    Well done! The dollar is getting worse because of the Fed, good points.

  • Jim

    Great job Jeff. While Ms. Rothman controlled the format, you seemed in control of the content. By the way, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say “We’re Doomed!” in such an eloquent and composed manner as you.
    The cream rises to the top and I’m sure you will become a contributor on their network.

  • Nice job, Jeff. I’d be hard put to get anything said in that format, but you made your points well despite Ms. Rothman’s propensity to do all the talking. At least people are now questioning this non-recovery.

  • Wayne Gilbert

    Great interview… They need you to be a contributor. I feel they need more people like yourself who thinks outside of the 9 dots. I could not agree with you more. Way to go…

  • dd

    hi Jeff, that was awesome. it was really cool to put a face to the name of my daily reading, as was said earlier on this thread.

    so well done, here’s to you you, DoctoRx and Keith for your fine and very important work. i value it greatly and i know others do as well.

  • Tom A

    Nicely done Jeff, keep mentioning Montecito we can become known as the center of financial reason. I saw this slow down coming and that is why I put most of my portfolio in high yield CEF’s which at the time yielded over 10% and have appreciated over 25%. See you at the center of the financial world Jeannine’s

    Tom A

  • specie

    Hi Jeff,

    I admire your ability to remain calm and think and speak so well while on TV with a talking head with they’re constant interruptions and hidden agendas. It is even more impressive since you do such a remarkable job of thinking and writing as evidenced by your blog.

    I read over 125 blogs on a daily basis to try and prepare myself for the business day. I do my best to try and ignore the author’s identity and just weigh the ideas in each and every case.

    After watching your performance today I will have a more difficult time forgetting who you are and just concentrating on your ideas. As a reader for over 3 years – Thank you very much for your efforts and please keep up the good fight.

  • Chuck Scharf

    Great job. I hope they invite you back.

  • Dylan

    Good job. Nice to see the face behind Daily Capitalist.

    Very smart sound bites by you throughout

    Loved the Ben Bernanke is a one trick pony and money steroids imagery. So true.

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  • Tom


    Great job. You looked great. Fox should hire you.


  • I want to thank you for all the kind comments in response to my appearance on FBN. It was a lot of fun for me.

    I’ve been asked a lot about my experience with TV and this appearance. This is the first time I’ve appeared on any show. I was liveried down to West LA from Santa Barbara to their studio. I sat around for a while and then was told it was on. I went to an open area in the studio with a camera, sat down, was miked, and a couple minutes later I was on. No, there is no make-up person. I could hear the producer in my earphone telling me what was going to happen.

    I was not able to see anything that was happening on screen, so no monitor showed me or Lori Rothman on air. I just looked straight ahead into the camera and talked. The only difficult part was not knowing when Lori was going to stop talking because I couldn’t see her gestures or body language, and there seemed to be a slight delay in the signal. I knew that these things are rather truncated, so I came ready with some punchlines and generally tried to get my ideas out rather than to directly respond to her.

    Then it seemed over as soon as it started. The producer, a young lady, said I was fantastic and they would love to have me again. I will make sure she gets my articles. But they say that to all the boys.

    Ben Stein came in about the same time I did and I think he was on Cavuto. He did say hi to me. I kept thinking that there is a guy who is always wrong, yet he seems to have easy access to the media. Hmmm. Whatever.

    All in all, it was a fun experience and I hope it happens again. My goal is to get the word out.

    BTW, I just finished up my first semester of teaching, graded all 25 project analyses, spreadsheets, and quizes, and posted the grades (also on Friday). The teaching was great fun, but grading was one of the hardest things I have ever done. Now I feel as if I’m on vacation. My point being that I’ll have more time for writing. And in a couple months I’m hoping we’ll have a nice surprise for readers with a new format and better approach to the news. Stay tuned.

    Again thank you for all the kind comments. I am quite grateful for the support and your readership.


  • Bryson Randolph

    Jeff I share all of the comments above you did a great job on the interview. I don’t recall that have seen you in a shrt and tie since your barristers days. You project agood presence. Glad I got to see you last week good job Regards