Lagarde New IMF President

Since there have been so many negative comments about the IMF and former head Dominque Strauss-Kahn, I won’t make any jokes about the appointment of Christine Lagarde as the new IMF head:

Christine Lagarde was named the first female head of the International Monetary Fund to take on Europe’s debt crisis and balance the demands of fast-growing emerging nations with the needs of a recovering developed world.

Lagarde, 55, currently France’s finance minister, will begin July 5, the Washington-based fund said today. She won the job over Mexican central bank governor Agustin Carstens after gaining a reputation as a skilled negotiator during the financial crisis within both the Group of 20 and the European Union as it provided bailouts for Greece, Ireland and Portugal. …

As the first woman to head the IMF, Lagarde will be treading on familiar ground. She is the first and only woman finance chief in the Group of Seven nations, and she was the first female chairman of Chicago-based Baker & McKenzie LLP, the world’s fifth biggest law firm by revenue last year.

Lagarde was appointed finance minister by French President Nicolas Sarkozy in June 2007, just before the onset of the global financial crisis.

She has diverse interests (from Wikipedia):

Lagarde is a former member of the French national synchronised swimming team as a teenager. She is divorced and mother of two sons, Pierre-Henri Lagarde (born 1986) and Thomas Lagarde (born 1988). Since 2006 her partner is the entrepreneur Xavier Giocanti from Marseille. She is a vegetarian and never drinks alcohol.  Her hobbies are yoga, scuba diving, swimming and gardening.

She was a labor lawyer, not an economist.

Actually I can’t think of any jokes about her right now, but I’m sure I’ll think of some shortly. There are lot’s of good labor lawyer-vegetarian jokes.


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