Occupy Wall Street Squatters Steal Single Dad’s Home

This story falls into the weird but predictable category. Here is the moral question: should people who need housing just take it from others? Apparently some OWS folks think: take it.

‘They took my place!’ Single dad trying to take back home occupied by OWS

They’re occupying his home.

Occupy Wall Street protesters announced with great fanfare last month that they moved a homeless family into a “foreclosed” Brooklyn home — even though they knew the house belonged to a struggling single father desperately trying to renegotiate his mortgage, The Post has learned.

“They’re trying to take a house and say the bank is robbing the people because the mortgage is too high — so contact the owner!” fumed Wise Ahadzi, 28, who owns the home at 702 Vermont St. in East New York.

Occupiers “reclaimed” the row house on Dec. 6 and ceremoniously put out the welcome mat for a homeless family. …

But Bank of America, which has been in and out of foreclosure proceedings against Ahadzi since 2009, confirmed to The Post that he is still the rightful owner.

Meanwhile, the family that OWS claimed to be putting into the vacant house has not yet permanently moved in. And it turns out the family is not a random victim of the foreclosure crisis, but cast for the part, thanks to their connection to the OWS movement.

OWS last week said it has spent $9,500 breaking into the house and setting it up for the homeless Carrasquillo family. A photo of the smiling family covers a window, under the slogan, “A place to call home.”

The head of the family, Alfredo Carrasquillo, 28, is an organizer for VOCAL- NY, a group that works with OWS. His Facebook page shows him in a “99 Percent” T-shirt at an OWS protest in November.

The Post visited the Vermont Street home last week — six weeks after OWS announced that the Carrasquillos were moving in — and the family was nowhere to be found.

In fact, the only people occupying the house were occupiers themselves.

“They only stay here sometimes,” a protester named Charlie said of the Carrasquillos. “There’s not enough room for the kids.”

The occupier refused to say how many others were inside, but at least two more protesters could be seen at the house, along with mattresses on the floor, during The Post visit.

[The owner, Wise Ahadzi, said,] “I’m pissed off. I’m trying to get my house back, and they’re trying to take it from me.”

Use the link, above, to read the entire article.


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  • JH.

    This is obvious propaganda. The overwhelming majority of the homes that OWS “re-occupies” are bank-owned and yet someone is picking out this one story to scream about?? Come on. If this single Father has been trying to get it back for over 2 years and doesn’t live there, it is really no longer his. If it was being foreclosed he is likely so far underwater that to try to get it back wouldn’t make sense.

    This story is designed to distract and make OWS look bad for taking this poor single father’s home. It misses the point that OWS has been taking back ILLEGALLY foreclosed homes from the fraudulent banksters. Not sure why DC would even re-post this crap.

  • Norman

    JH, Like in Jeff Harding? You’re right about why DC would re-post crap like this, as well as what you post above it. What is flagrantly obvious here, as well as with a lot of the blogs, is that old tunnel vision thing, as in forgetting that we’re all in this together, instead of allowing the manipulators directing the show. One thing that isn’t at the forefront, is the fact that when it’s all over, the victors will hang the traitors first, those who turned on their fellow humans, as they groveled currying favor. If you betray your neighbor, then you will betray the victor. Everyone should read their history books, that is if they can read.

    • Norman and JH, I am not sure what your point(s) are here. This is a mainstream press article. The bank admits that Ahadzi still owns the house and is trying to get it back. Are you saying that this is “crap” because he legally owns the property? If the home was “illegally” foreclosed by BofA, what proof do you have? None. Ahadzi owns it and these labor union supported thugs are illegal squatters. To portray OWS as idealistic crusaders against “Wall Street” (i.e., capitalism) is completely naive. You should know that there are a hundred groups support like VOCAL NY that are supported by unions and ward money (driven my well paid community organizers)and they can be mustered for any cause desired by those who pay them. They are socialists (literally) who use violence and intimidation as a part of their strategy. You guys are clearly on the wrong side of the argument. I would have thought as readers of this blog, that you would understand the causes of our economic problems. Perhaps you should start with my “Must Read” articles and then go to my Reading List. Norm, what are you talking about? “The victors will hang the traitors”? Is this some old leftist/Trotskyite/socialist/unionist crap? What do you mean? And JH, you are correct I am trying to discredit OWS because they don’t understand history, philosophy, economics, or morality.

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  • Californio

    Without the Rule of Law we have Anarchy.

    Be careful what you wish for OWS. I would recommend that you Occupy Congress in DC if you want to change something.

  • Matt Harding

    JH, are you in effect saying that OWSers has the right to occupy bank-owned, or otherwise owned homes BECAUSE they are part of a populist movement? The contracts between owners and banks do not extend to populist squatters. Good luck kicking the actual owners out – I think THOSE buyers have an actual gripe. However, how many OWSers are actually home-buyers and have had their credit/lives destroyed by being caught up in the boom? I think very, very few. And they have no right to occupy those homes, ever… regardless of what they believe. Property rights are numero uno in this nation and just being born here does not entitle you to a free place to live at the expense of others.

    Did you even read the blurb for Vocal New York above? They are absolutely propagandizing a socialist agenda.

  • Norman

    Jeff, I can’t believe you don’t know the history. It’s quite simple, if one betrays his own, then he will betray the one who took his place. Perhaps this isn’t in your mind set? While you may throw someone under the bus, there is someone who will throw you under that same bus. Perhaps also, you are not aware that in every business, everyone who deals in commodities, be it legal or otherwise, has his/her name in a higher ups little black book, that is used for favors or as a get out of jail free card. Everyone is there, whether or not you want to believe it. I realize you preach to your choir, but you are blinded by beliefs beyond your control. You can deny what I write, but if you do, then you are still riding the waves, not having wiped out yet. If you can’t understand this, then so be it. When it does happen to you, perhaps you’ll remember when you were told?

  • Keith Weiner

    Jeff: this piece makes me think of the anti Intellectual Property crowd who support theft from record labels out of “protest” against how the record labels “force” artists into bad deals, and to get free tunes; mostly to get free tunes.

    Norman: your idea of how business works would be news to those in business, at least in the relatively free parts of the economy. Perhaps you are describing how it works in Chicago city contractors and unions?