Edgar The Entrepreneur Video

Edgar the Entrepreneur. This is from the Mises Institute. This is for a younger audience. It is about entrepreneurship. This is how it starts. This is how you change the world.


4 comments to Edgar The Entrepreneur Video

  • Mentha Trecenta

    theres an admiringly reasonable discussion going on there, the least i would expect.

  • Mark

    I don’t believe that video does a good job in selling the message, I’d start with the boring tone and accent of the narrator. The minimum wage argument is easily made when production can be easily measured, but most minimum wage jobs don’t have production that can be easily measured. For instance you have a janitorial crew to clean your office that mostly make minimum wage, you need your office cleaned so as long as your time is more valuable then cleaning your office you will pay the higher minimum wage. On the margin less janitorial help will be demanded as minimum wage is increased above free market wage which is not a simple concept to communicate.

    I do believe education and fun learning materials in teaching free market capitalism is very important and I hope there are production crews out there that can generate media that will connect with the youth of America because right now we are losing the War of ideas to politicians who can repeat deceptive anti capitalist rhetoric without challenge.

    • Mark, I think we have already lost. We have no seat at the policy table. We need to keep forcing our way into the spot light. I think that is the main value of Ron Paul’s candidacy. And spread the word about the Daily Capitalist, for its purpose is exactly that. Thanks, JH

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