Gold Standard By 2013

Our own John Butler of Atom Capital/Amphora Commodities Alpha Fund, talks about his book, The Golden Revolution, and his belief that we may see some countries adopt a kind of gold standard by next year. This video is from ReutersTV. Very, very thought provoking. In response to the question that there is only a small amount of gold in the world, he says, “The quantity of gold is finite, but the price isn’t.” 


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  • Jesse_Fan

    His discussion on Triffin’s Dilemma is spot-on, but I had to roll my eyes when he says some country can institute a fixed gold standard.

    The fixed gold standard’s problem is in the fixed nature . Why should the government fix the price of gold through some decree? Isn’t that essentially, hard money socialism? :)

    Gold should be allowed to float freely. And Keith – no unencumbered Physical gold is not floating freely today!

    Gold is an excellent barometer for measuring fiscal health of any nation, and via a free float, the health of a nation should be visible for all to see.

    Gold is already acknowledged to be the store of value par excellence by most central banks. And by allowing it to flow freely, the flow of value through the super-organism (the entire human species) will be uninhibited.