Julia: Who’s Your Daddy?

There has been a lot of controversy about Julia as we trace her life from infancy to old age. The interesting thing about this Obama campaign interactive graphic is that no men appear in Julia’s life and she makes it through retirement all by herself. Well, not exactly: she has the government as her daddy. You can rail and fume over this culturally and politically misguided theme, but that is not the point of the graphic. The target is single moms. This observation is from the Washington Post:

In 2007, the United States passed a significant demographic milestone, when the census reported that the majority of American households were headed by unmarried people. It was the crest of a wave that had been building for some time. Since 1960, the percentage of the population that is over age 15 and unmarried increased from 32 percent to 45 percent. If this trend continues, singles (including unmarried people who are cohabiting) will make up the majority of Americans in less than 15 years.

And in this nation of swinging singles, women are dominant. Because women live longer than men, there are about 10 million more single women than single men, and their ranks are growing. While the number of voting-eligible married women grew by 7 percent between 2000 and 2010, the number of voting-eligible single women increased by 19 percent. This election year, unmarried voting-eligible women are estimated to number 55 million, more than 25 percent of the voting-eligible population

As much as the Republicans cry about declining family values, it appears that 55 million American women aren’t listening (yes, I understand that many single moms are divorced, moral people, and who made intelligent decisions ab0ut their lives, but due to circumstances …). Julia is exemplary of the problem that Democrats wish to perpetuate. She was created to fit a demographic that, my guess is, will vote for Obama rather than Romney. 

Everything about this graphic is wrong. It gives you a picture of the rise of the welfare-nanny state, the breakdown of traditional social values, and how it pervades our lives. 

I despair the social trend toward single-parent families. I think there are a lot of reasons for it, but, if you look at the birthrate, it has been going down since the 1970s when more women started going into the workforce. Women went to work because families found that one paycheck wouldn’t cover the bills. The reason for that was inflation which is always a function of our central bank. Inflation impoverishes us. Yes, there are other factors such as birth control, education, the breakdown of the family in black communities, social acceptance of unmarried mothers, etc. It’s not a simple phenomenon. 

Hey, Julia, who’s your daddy? Barack Obama, of course.

Here is the entire graphic. 

Watch her grow, go to school, change her hair color and hair styles, become sexually active, have a kid, gain weight, and eventually go gray and retire.


4 comments to Julia: Who’s Your Daddy?

  • geoih

    How did women ever survive before Obama?

  • Jim

    This is blatantly unrealistic. At least for those of us who are past 40 years of age. Life throws a lot of stuff at you, none of which is reflected in this sugar-coated story book.
    Division of labor applies to family life as well as the marketplace. Will the government fix her car?

  • Patrick

    Julia never makes it to college. She learns that “as a ward of the State”, that they will provide her with sustinance and cover all her basic needs without ever having to exert herself in any way. She lacks the drive to “ever make anything of herself” as everything she has been taught is “let the State take care of me”. Through her Government education she has never learned, or been taught the evils of Socialism and Communismn, let alone the basic critical thinking skills that would be a requirement to pursuing higher education at tremendous expense and work. Julia has never learned that hard work and self reliance is required for “self worth” and has always been taught that since everything is “Free” that she need not apply any effort to attain anything. In Julia’s youth, the country breaks down, as there are no longer people willing to do anything but the bare minimum to make sustinance. At some point, even Julia learns the truth. The Evil rich people whom have disappeared into obscurity are no longer “paying their fair share”, and that work of merit has ceased. She learns through her friends (in the underground) that the Government used her vote to “transform” this nation into a full blown Communist state, and that all that dreamy “hope” stuff was a crock … and that she needs to pick herself up by her boot straps and seek independence as the Government is no longer able to “take from one” and “give to another” as there is nothing left to confiscate. Julia finally learns that the whole thing was a myth propagated by Communists who now rule her life with an “iron fist”.

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