Game of Thrones: The Debate of Liars


I don’t like talking heads either, but … a few comments about the debate and the election.

It was fairly unanimous in the MSM that Romney won. Comments were that he was forceful, engaged, animated, presidential, challenging, and on the offensive. The president seemed lackluster, dull, unresponsive, and tired. All this is true.

Unfortunately they both lied.

I wish to point out that I will vote for Romney and I was pleased that he is perceived to have won the debate. But I thought he won based on theatrical performance rather than content, which, to be honest, is how most of the great unwashed judge candidates.

Neither candidate made much sense. Saying words people want to hear won’t make it so.

Look, President Obama is a left-wing liberal (Progressive, socialist, whatever). He is an ideologue and I respect him for at least letting us know what he stands for. I know exactly what to expect from him and I strongly disagree with most of his policies. There are two really good reasons to vote him out, beside the fact that his policies have failed.

I’ve written many times about the danger of Obamacare to the overall economy and the social fabric of America. It is not just another government program. It is a major entitlement that will end up like every form of regulated or nationalized health care system around the world—broke. Costs will skyrocket, more regulations will be imposed, people (you 47 percenters) will demand more services, taxes will go up to pay for it, health care prices and wages will be controlled in some form or another, the quality of health care will go down, the economy will remain moribund with the high cost burden to producers, and unemployment will remain high (see, Europe).

The other major issue is that Obama will appoint Progressive “living Constitution” Supreme Court justices who will turn the country seriously to the left similar to what FDR did back in the Thirties when he tried to nationalize the economy.

What is there to say about Romney? Those who claim he is an advocate of liberty and free markets are blind to the meaning of those words because his history as a governor and presidential aspirant belie those ideals. Here is the thing about Romney: he will say and do anything to get elected. He is not an ideologue. An ideologue is “A person who zealously advocates a particular idea, concept, theory or ideology.” The words he uses, like “free markets”, have no more meaning to him than “I love you, man.” (“No, Mitt, you can’t have my Bud Lite.”) He also believes in “… an America where millions of Americans believe in an America that’s the America millions of Americans believe in. That’s the America I love.” (Thanks, Tim Price for that wonderful quote.)

He derides Obamacare but supported Romneycare. He didn’t want to tax the rich, but now he does, at least as of last night’s debate. He scapegoats China for our government’s reckless spending yet professes he’s for free trade. He may favor abortion or the right to life. He thinks he can balance the budget by creating a growing economy, which is true but not very feasible based on his Laffer Curve idea that tax cuts alone will grow the economy. Tax cuts can help, but it’s the Fed that’s driving this train. As the Fed continues to destroy capital with QE, more private spending as a result of tax cuts will just destroy more capital (we need to save, not spend, to revive the economy). He supports a “strong military” which I assume means more U.S. intervention and new wars since we already have the most powerful military on the planet.

Romney has some good points if we can believe him. He will do his best to repeal Obamacare and, hopefully, not replace it with some similar, junior entitlement version. Yes, he does believe that “excessive” government regulation is harmful to business. I’m hopeful that he actually believes that (they all say this) but my guess is that he will take a “balanced” (i.e., weak-kneed) approach on this (he’ll deal away regulatory cutbacks to get something else). He says he will try to semi-privatize Medicare for pre-retirees (Good luck! Ask W about that one). He says he will appoint “conservative” justices to the Supreme Court, which I applaud.

During the debate Romney lied about deficits, entitlements, and economic growth, but so did Obama. They are pandering to us dimwits, throwing  out buzz words to gloss over the fact that their “reforms” have failed or can’t work. 

I do think however there is one major difference between the candidates. It is obvious that Obama has no faith in the private economy to pull us out of our continuing recession. I actually don’t think he believes the economy will recover, based on his many policy failures. His entire campaign theme is for government programs, funded by higher taxes, to alleviate the continuing misery caused by the Obama recession. Romney does believe the private sector can lead us to recovery, but that will work only if he (a) leaves us alone and (b) replaces Ben Bernanke with a Paul Volcker. Those, my fellow citizens, are big ifs. But it will be better than another four years of Obama.


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  • D

    5.97 of one, 6.02 of the other. How pathetic our choices have become.

  • Hans

    Oh please…”Look, President Obama is a left-wing liberal (Progressive, socialist, whatever). He is an ideologue and I respect him for at least letting us know what he stands for.”

    The only thing he has ever stated, before going to the WH, is that he believes in re-distribution..He is a NEO-Communist..

    He did? “During the debate Romney lied about deficits, entitlements, and economic growth.” How he will come up with
    the 5 trillion for the tax reductions is beyond me, but how did he lie about entitlements and growth..

    I have to stop watching Univision…Hola, my dear amigos!

  • John Howard

    In the 11th hour, it will be (as always) neck and neck – a close horse race that will keep the viewers clued to their commercials. The hairdos on TV will hyperventilate and the Diebold No-Paper-Trail voting machines will pick the winner that the global bosses who own the planet have decided they want.

    The masses need to be controlled because they are stupid. The proof that they are stupid is that they vote.

  • GaltLine

    It is unnerving Gov Romney never says, “I’m a Capitalist and proud of it. I am running against a Socialist (Marxist, whatever) who wants to take all you have and give it to those he is pandering to at the moment.” But who in Congress has identified themselves as Capitalists? Not even two or three. Someone who is a Capitalist and has no trouble being identified as one can more legitimately make the label of Marxist or Socialist stick to President Obama. A majority of Americans would never knowingly vote for the collectivism and the demise of our national sovereignty that Obama represents.

  • shelbyz

    Missed the debate, but the reviews only affirm my belief that Obama is poison to this country and has to go.
    Meanwhile Jeff, what do think of this morning’s report of the jobless rate dropping to 7.8%?
    It’s just to coincidental, in my opinion.

  • Hans

    Half a load to the author and my I do not care for guest-a-ments from the CBO…

    Galtline, that is why he should have chosen The Great Alan West on Florida..

  • John

    “President Obama is a left-wing liberal”

    I know this is the perception, but frankly, I saw very little difference in the ACTIONS of Obama and George Dubya. Their rhetoric was different, but who cares about rhetoric?

    • John

      Yes dubya was a progressive, but romney will be different. Come on, has Mitt ever lied or changed before?

  • Bond

    It’s interesting that you believe there is a distinction between the two men. Your support of Romney rests on wishful thinking. I see no reason to believe we will not have a fourth GWB presidency with wild spending and outlandish adventures abroad. Obama’s administration is the third incarnation of GWB’s legacy.

    Obama is a socialist? You’ve been watching too much Fox News. Let’s see:

    1. Obamacare is a giveaway to the Health care industry. Although it’s certainly Stalinist in its mandate.
    2. QE3 and it’s predecessors is a giveaway to the finance industry.
    3. Global interventions and saber rattling with Iran is a giveaway to the Military industrial complex.
    4. Obama is one of the most ‘bank friendly’ presidents on record. His Treasury secretary is basically Jamie Dimon’s personal gofer.
    5. He’s Fracking up the country at the behest of the energy industry.
    6. He’s gave BP a free-pass on the gulf spill, allowing the population to consume Corexit laden shrimp.
    7. The hundreds of billions in mortgage related fraud has been settled for a limp wristed 4 billion.
    8. He’s was for cutting social security and medicare in the last budget stand-off, but the tea partiers wanted a different kind of victory.
    9. He’s weakened worker safety and food regulations.

    I could go on….

    Obama speaks the rhetoric of the left but runs right when the camera is off. He is a hypocrite, and Romney is what?

    There will be no choice this year. The election is a sham.

  • GaltLine

    1. Obamacare is destructive to the health care industry. Innovation will be non-existent because of its Stalinist mandate.
    2. QE3 guarantees our dollars will be worthless here and abroad, soon.
    3. Global interventions and saber rattling are just more community organizing activities by this Saul Alinsky President.
    4. Obama has helped his friends in the banking industry, those who have helped him. Hundreds of small community banks and others he destroyed. He just wants to be in charge.
    5. Investors are fracking. Obama and his Minerals guy are scheming ways to either regulate and tax it or to stop it.
    6. He made BP his lap dog, humiliated its image before the world, and we’re still waiting for most drill permits in the Gulf and elsewhere. The idea we are waiting for Obama to give BP or anyone else permission to drill is central planning at its worst.
    7. The mortgage fraud was a result of banks being forced to lend to people who could not afford to buy, with the risk held by producers who pay their taxes. Just more spreading the wealth by coercing spreading the risk to producers only.
    8. Obama has never written down an offer on anything. He waits for offers, never formally responds to any offers, waits for the pants to drop, still refuses to respond. That describes the Obama/Reid refusal to pass a single budget since Obama became President. All because he wants to dictate and be in charge.
    9. How can we tell if he has weakened worker safety and food regulations? He has certainly hired czars to write thousands and thousands of regulations on every aspect of life. Only who takes time to read them all and trace their effectiveness will be able to perhaps say if we are less safe. All because he wants everything to come to a standstill until he says now we’re safer.

  • yes, really a health issue before the election one of the most critical, but why politicians remember him just before the election?

  • Carlsbadip

    Instead of a rational and sensible reaction to many things. the politicians have treated the American people as mostly infants or at best children. Unfortunately, the infantilizing has stuck. Politicians in Washington were determine to have people get back to normal as soon as possible after the September 11, 2001 attacks because they saw the current generation of Americans incapable of making any sacrifices whatsoever.

    Instead of War bonds or a Supplemental Income Tax to pay for the Wars and the necessary infrastructure, all that was done was to turn on the printing presses. The American people were viewed as being so fragile that the country would literally fall apart on the smallest demand of sacrifice being made by the civilian population.

    The presentation, the perception and the cult of personality is all that matters in these extended commercials called debates. Every statement is so politicized that at lest three-quarters of the people do not believe we have any debt and that the entitlements are going broke because the politicians from one party or another just stole the money, so the situation is never desperate because it is all lies.

    When we can get beyond commercials of pushing old women off cliffs because one speaks honestly about Social Security, then may be you can have some facts. Today, the reaction of both sides is more akin to hysterical children, than the adults that lived through a real Depression and World War II. The hysterics of the MSNBC crew last week was something out of Romper Room. We have been infantilized and no facts are allowed to enter just lies that makes us feel good or be angrily righteous.