KeithGram: Search and Replace

“Tax the rich, because blah blah blah and it will help the economy by yada yada yada…”

We should do a global search and replace on “tax” and replace with “punishment”.  And replace all instances of “rich” with “investors and entrepreneurs”.

This will make it clear what will happen.  If they incrementally raise taxes, then the marginal investment will not be made, and the marginal entrepreneur will not start a business.  If our goal was only to maximize revenue, then we have to see that this will reduce revenues.  If we care about jobs, then we have to be aware that this will slow down the rate of job creation.  If we care about progress and the advancement of civilization, then we must acknowledge that this will slow it down.

And we should also care about the investor and entrepreneur, who don’t deserve to be sacrificed on the altar of envy and class warfare.  Their livelihood and very existence should not be thrown under the bus by politicians or voters.


3 comments to KeithGram: Search and Replace

  • D

    Who are ‘the rich’? In the current election we have an incumbent ‘rich guy’ fending off the challenger, an even more ‘rich.guy’. Does it matter? No. What matters is the current crony capitalist/fascist model that makes the very rich wealthier at the expense of the middle class and below.

    We do not need to tax the rich, we need to fix the system and end the ‘vampire squid’-ing of America. We need to put the likes of Jon Corzine in jail. And when we clean up this dysfunctional corporatist system, no one will worry about the rich so much because the abort to suck off the system will have ended.

    As a poor ‘rich guy’ myself, and one who worked hard to make it on my own, I can’t wait for the ‘reset’ that ends this ponzinomic system we have become. If I could do it, so could others — but their chances will improve when the gaming ends.

  • David Pristash

    Keith you are right on which after reading your work for these past few months is to be expected.

    The only thing that I can add is that the only way to get the corruption out of the system is to “drastically” reduce the size of the federal government as a percentage of GDP. The federal government has now reached the point through regulation and purchasing power that no business can ignore them. You can not have a business in this country and not have to consider local state and federal policies. Those three things have more effect on a business then any internal issues could ever have.

    Apple makes all it products in China because China wants jobs and cares not about all the other issues. We here don’t care that the Chinese work in conditions we would not as long as we get cheap products. If things are going to change here then that attitude will have to change first.

  • Hans

    For the left, the investor and free markets are always expendable…