Three Reasons Romney Lost, Says Reason’s Nick Gillespie


Gillespie says that the Republicans lost because they are so out of synch with the rest of America on these issues. I would agree.


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  • g....

    I agree on immigration.
    Dope and abortion – not so much.
    The left out campaigned the right. That more than anything. Ground game was better.
    The left vs right voter base is still very close at 50/50 so I would say there are some things the right needs to do to win the big election or majorities. I do not believe abandoning conservative politics will gain votes away from the left.
    Definitely think a new approach toward immigration is needed though. Lot of voters there that feel left out of the right party. We’ll see what happens. Hopefully socialism doesn’t happen which certainly seems to be in its early stages.

  • Hans

    A loss by 2% is BIG! Now that is BIG..

    You can offer complete support for dope and abortion and those people will still not vote for you.

    Remember Raygun illegal amnesty program, he polled 37% of AmMexs; Bushneck senior got 30%…

    So much for immigration, as the modern immigrate comes for the social benefits.

    20% of all Americans are now enrolled in Medicare…

    One trillion in social welfare justice and climbing…

  • ohioralph

    Gillespie left out the big one, foreign intervention into the affairs of the world. Both an end the war on drugs and end the war on the world would be a good start

  • RW

    Values would be worthless if you could flush them for popularity.

  • RW

    “If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters.” -Alan K. Simpson