2012 Voter Demographics

This graphic from the NYT is a good analysis of election demographics. It reveals the importance of the Hispanic and Asian vote. What the chart doesn’t do is weight the importance of each sector. In other words, the fact that Hispanics voted in larger numbers for Obama is not a surprise, but it doesn’t tell us their impact by the size of their cohort. But it takes a picture of the electorate that is very telling for the Republican Party.

Men switched allegiance and voted against Obama this time, but not as many as voted for Bush in 2004. Fewer women voted for Obama this time, but still solidly in the “blue.” More “rich” smart people turned away from Obama. Younger people turned out for Obama; older (and wiser) for Romney. Their is no breakdown for education, which would be an interesting statistic.

You Republicans have a lot of work to do if you wish to remain viable.


6 comments to 2012 Voter Demographics

  • Barry

    If the Democrats had a white man from the South for President, they would have easily won NC and GA would have also been close and they would not have lost any of the states that they won.

  • Hans

    Nice chart, Mr Harding..

    I live in Edina, Minn (servant quarters) and 13 of its 20 precincts went for BO, in a normally Repubco area…

    BTW, all seven of my picks lost and that does not include two of the amendments..

    Our Duma, went Demco in both houses, as well..

    I went 0-9 and now will be pitching in the single A league…

    The Repubco party needs to be hung from a tree and gutted…The is no other answer.

  • Jeanne Holbrook

    The sentence: “Their” should read “There”… is no breakdown for education…..typos ought not exist in this era. Especially from any person who has your level of education. Content was of some interest. Question: why do Republicans have ‘work’ to do? Sucking up to welfarians is the sole reason Democrats re-elected Obama. The entire election process is flawed, fraud is rampant, yet somehow Visa can process tens of millions of transactions daily with 99.9% accuracy. The United States of Democrats, who enslave their delusional followers, will not be able to destroy the truly productive/evil/rich people because they are not dumb enough to be pillaged. End of story. The smartest people will be hunkering down at the local levels and will resist Fedzilla. Hint: None of these areas will be Blue.

    • Diogeron

      Good for you for catching the misspelling (“their” as a substitute for “”there” is not a “typo.) On the other hand, there is no such word as “welfarians” and no evidence of rampant fraud as you claim. Moreover, Obama won the college educated vote in 2008 and narrowly lost it this year. He won handily those of us with post graduate education, both times.

      “That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.”

      Christopher Hitchens”

  • Ramone

    Barry, if the Demorats had a white man from the South for president, Romney would have won some southren states by a 50 point margin because of the absence of the black vote. If only white men was allowed to vote, Romney would have won even NY.

    • Diogeron

      “if only white men was (sic) allowed to vote…” Really? Go see “Lincoln” dude. You really need to, more than most people. LOL.

      Also, google “electoral college” so you will know how irrelevant the % of popular vote in southern (or northern) states is. Better yet, read the Constitution!