The End Is … Now

I have decided to shut the Daily Capitalist down and this is our last post. I have been publishing this blog for 5 years and, as they say, it’s fun until it isn’t. Think of a blog like a newspaper where readers expect new content every day. That takes quite a bit of time and it has squeezed a lot of things out of my life. Now it’s time to get them back. While readership is good and there is lots to say, I need to move on.

As you know, I am not in the financial business, and I don’t make money from the blog. Our sole purpose was to explain economics and finance through “Austrian” eyes and demonstrate through forecasts and analysis that Austrian economics is the best way to interpret that world. And, guess what: it works!

I have many regrets about this and the decision did not come easily. But, I can now reclaim my life and focus more on my own affairs and my other goals in life. Yes, I still have goals even at my advanced state of decrepitude. There is a book out there somewhere—when I find the time. I will also eventually have some kind of blog on which I will publish occasional rants. I’ll let you know.

We have been fortunate to have a number of fine Austrian-oriented financial analysts, investors, and investment managers contribute to the site. All in all, I am quite proud of our group and the high quality of our articles. I hope you have felt the same.

Thank you, dear reader, for subscribing and reading our commentary. I’ve enjoyed your comments and ideas and you always kept me on my toes. I’ve been asked where you can go to find similar commentary. I am a fan of Zero Hedge and Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis. They both have an Austrian bent to their writing and do an excellent job. I may occasionally contribute to Zero Hedge. Our other writers have been invited to contribute commentary to Zero Hedge so you may find them there as well.

Goodbye for now and thanks for reading us.

 Jeff Harding


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  • It’s been great collaborating with you Jeff. Best of luck and please stay in touch.

  • g...

    Thank you Jeff. I have enjoyed and learned a lot here.

  • Chuck Scharf

    Thanks, Jeff, for several years of great commentary and fact. Please hold on to your mailing list so I’ll be there if you decide to start the blog up again.

  • Jim

    Thanks for all you have done for us. I too would like to see the site remain up.
    Best Wishes in your future endeavors.

  • Jeff – The Daily Capitalist has been a steady resource link on my site for years, even as others have come and gone. The excellence in writing and thought has been required reading for anyone visiting. My best in all your future endeavors.

  • Joe W

    Sad to see you go Jeff, thank you, you have been more than just a morning coffee link for a few years.

    Your writing, and the contributing group here, has been great for helping hammer out old dents (and hammering in new ones) to my own thoughts, ideas, and arguments on the subjects covered.

  • Bob

    I forgot when and how exactly I found this website. Perhaps a paid subscription would not necessarily make it fun for you, but I would be happy to do so if asked. Kind of like Travis Johnson’s small fee for his Stock Gumshoe. It’s been fun and I hate to see you go. Just my 2 cents but please come back soon. Consider getting paid a little bit. It’s not wrong.

  • Thank you all for the kind thoughts. When I put up the post last night I sort of felt like I had just shot my best friend. I’ve also received quite a few similar emails today and it all is good for my soul.

    For those of you who have asked, I will keep the web site up for quite a while so you can download articles that you wish to have.

    I have also kept a list of subscribers, so if the wind should fill my sails any time soon, I’ll let you know.

    Anyone who wishes to stay in touch can reach me at

    Best wishes to you all.

    Jeff Harding

  • Richard L. (kapitalteacher)

    The greatest accomplishment that man can aspire to achieve is to change lives for the better.
    You have done more of that than you can know Mr. Jeff Harding.
    Congratulations on a successful 5-year run!


  • Biff Bifford

    Great job Jeff. I have not considered who will have the distinguished honor of taking home page on my browser. Wow, the wheel in the sky keeps turning. The best to you in all your future endeavors and many thanks for all the great articles. I actually began to be somewhat dangerous when arguing economics – but like the scarecrow, I must seek out my new brain elsewhere.



  • Rigorous

    I have learned a lot. Thank very much.

  • Alex Z

    Thanks Jeff, for what it’s worth your blog was instrumental in completing my conversion to Austrian line of thinking. Best of luck!

  • A.Komma

    Thank you Jeff.

  • Andrew


    I had the pleasure of having a drink with you in Auburn, AL while you were at the von Mises conference. Thanks for your contributions, I thoroughly enjoyed your articles. Hope you’ll start it back up one day.