China Bashing

This is a reprint from a column I write for a local newspaper. — JH

If you watched the last presidential debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney you got an earful about that evil bastion of trade manipulation, China. It seems that whenever a candidate for public office is desperate to attack [...]


Floating Exchange Rates: Unworkable and Dishonest

Milton Friedman was a proponent of so-called “floating” exchange rates between the various irredeemable paper currencies that he promoted as the proper monetary system. Many have noted that the currencies do not “float”; they sink at differing rates, sometimes one is sinking faster and then another. This article focuses on something else.

Under a gold [...]


From Phoenecia to Hayek to the ‘Cloud’

I have been meaning to reprint this lecture/opinion piece that the Wall Street Journal republished from Matt Ridely’s Hayek Prize lecture for the Manhattan Institute. I saw it again in Cafe Hayek this morning. So here is the entire piece. It strikes a note since I am now reading Isabel Paterson’s God of the Machine.



The United States: Export Powerhouse

Let the Chinese produce inexpensive consumer goods for us. We benefit from it as much as they do.

We export know-how.

Ignore the anti free traders who think we’re being left in the dust. Free trade is a win-win.

This information is from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Chamber Post:

The World Trade Organization [...]