The Year That Was 2012

As readers of the Daily Capitalist know I, as a purveyor of unconventional economic wisdom, have a different take on … well, (almost) everything. I have some thoughts on the year 2012, a retrospective if you will of the really important economic issues in 2012. I and others here have written extensively about these issues [...]


Megatrend No. 5: Home Ownership Rates Will Decline For The Long-Term

Two years ago I wrote “Economic Megatrends That Will Drive Our Future.” As I look back, my seven megatrends seem to be holding true, except perhaps my deflation call, which turned around about a year ago to inflation. Back then I was predicting stagflation and we seem to have arrived there.

But one of my [...]


2009: Why It Will Affect Everyone's Future For Generations To Come

This has been a phenomenal year for the economy. There have been major, fundamental changes that will affect our lives for many years to come. I don’t see these changes as a good thing for the short or long term.

These changes are generational in that they don’t occur often and they will radically impact [...]