Obama’s Roadmap For Economic Destruction

This Bloomberg article is like a roadmap for destroying an economy. France under François Hollande is the Progressive’s ideal state where the “rich” pay for the poor’s welfare benefits. One could say it is the same roadmap that Obama’s Progressive agenda is following. It is one that fails to understand how economies work. The result [...]


Big Brother In France

Power Hogs Targeted by France in Big Brother Legislation

Heating a French home could soon require an income tax consultation or even a visit to the doctor under legislation to force conservation in the nation’s $46 billion household energy market.

A bill adopted by the lower house this month would set prices that homes pay [...]


India’s Socialist Mortmain

[Kameswara Rao, head of the power and utilities practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers India,] said Indian policy makers didn’t anticipate how quickly electricity demand would rise in the past few years as economic growth has expanded the ranks of the middle class and created more consumers of power-hungry modern appliances like air-conditioners. He said state transmission utilities [...]


Obama Shrugs (The Core Of American Values)


I read President Obama’s stump speech given on Friday, July 13 at Roanoke, Virginia. I urge you to read it; it’s not too long. It is a kind of manifesto of current left-wing thought in America; it describes almost every policy and concept that leftists support and are working to implement. In general it [...]


Paul Krugman: Argentina’s Next Finance Minister

Next to Paul Krugman my favorite target for ridicule is Argentina, specifically the government headed by Mrs. Cristina de Kirchner. Like Krugman they are easy targets because they pursue worn out ideas that have never, ever worked in history. One must admire their persistence at some level but for the fact that their policies usually [...]


Have No Faith In Socialists’ Commitment To Reform

Voter and leftist politician resistance to so-called “austerity” will result in backsliding of many socialist governments to liberal reforms. From the Eurozone to the BRICs, a current meme among politicians and the press is that austerity is not the path to economic growth and recovery, but rather suspension of reforms and continued [...]


Greece Will Reset; Alas, Greece

There is no real solution for Greece. They are bankrupt and their economic foundation is rotten. They have bred a society that wants generous benefits on the one hand, and on the other, cynical producers who don’t want to pay taxes. They are similar to Eastern Bloc countries post-Soviet collapse. They [...]


Argentina, Redux

I get the feeling that Argentina is stuck in some kind of time loop like in “Groundhog Day” where every ten years you wake up and read the same old stories about their economy. You know, they vote in some socialist-populist, he/she spends too much money, they increase taxes, they print money, inflation takes off, [...]


The Politics Of Fear

“I’m getting increasingly worried about the free movement of people across Europe. It’s a very competitive world out there and my constituents resent that.”

— Huddersfield Labour MP Barry Sheerman, defending comments he made on Twitter about Eastern European workers.

It was quite fitting that in a week that saw [...]


Simon Johnson Knocks Down Libertarian Straw Men

The liberal-progressive economic website Project Syndicate is running an op-ed from Simon Johnson, former chief economist of the IMF, providing evidence that libertarianism is in the arguing stage of Gandhi’s formulation that first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they argue with you, then you win.  Dr. Johnson writes in The Libertarian [...]


Occupy Wall Street Squatters Steal Single Dad’s Home

This story falls into the weird but predictable category. Here is the moral question: should people who need housing just take it from others? Apparently some OWS folks think: take it.

‘They took my place!’ Single dad trying to take back home occupied by OWS

They’re occupying his home.

Occupy Wall Street protesters announced with [...]