It’s Potlatch Season—The Celebration Of All Things Material

Is gift giving during Christmas and Hanukkah a wasteful practice by which we just crave status from friends and family? Is it a harmless, even joyful, practice to bestow goodwill and joy on the ones we love? Is it a giant commercial venture by which retailers encourage us to part with dollars in an orgy [...]


What You Should Be Thankful For On Thanksgiving 2012

This is the third anniversary of this Thanksgiving message to readers.

Every year celebrations of Thanksgiving give thanks for the blessings of God for our well-being. As a skeptic, curmudgeon, and capitalist, I attribute my blessings to free market capitalism. I believe America’s success is the result of two ideas and ideals: human [...]


Condolences To Mish And Family

Mike Shedlock’s (Mish) wife, Joanne, passed away yesterday from her long struggle with ALS. As a long-time reader of Mish’s blog, I consider him to be a friend and fellow traveler in the world of economics. Mish had let us know recently of her illness and asked for donations to his favorite MLS charity which [...]


Flight To Safety Broadens From Government Bonds To Include a Non-Barbarous Non-Relic

Gold was up 2+% along with a record low closing yield on the 10-year Treasury bond today as news out of Europe deteriorated.  Yet, inflation-linked assets such as oil and copper were down in price.  Thus we are seeing a rerun of periods in 2008 and 2011.  In both those summers and into the fall, [...]


The Daily Capitalist Goes To The Mises Institute

I will be attending the Austrian Scholars Conference this week at the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama. The Institute is affiliated with Auburn University although it is a separate entity. This is an annual conclave of scholars of Austrian School economics from all over the world. I’ve not attended before, so I am looking forward [...]


Is This Recovery? – Download

I have provided a downloadable PDF of the “Is This Recovery?” article. You can find it here.

The article has gotten pretty good play. It was the most popular article on Minyanville today and it has gotten big readership on Seeking Alpha. It was the lead article on today’s Real Clear Economics under the title, [...]


PSLV Bulls In Deep Space 9-9-9

What is going on in the hard money blogosphere?  How on earth is paper getting confused with bullion?

Recently, not one but two prominent hard money-oriented blogs intimated that the stock known as Sprott Physical Silver Trust (PSLV) is more like the real thing than what it really is – a non-dividend-paying stock, aka a [...]


The New Robust Daily Capitalist

We have successfully migrated the Daily Capitalist to our new cloud servers and I can say that as of today everything is working very well. I apologize for the inconvenience you may have found over the weekend as we were working out the kinks. The benefit to you is that you won’t experience the slow [...]


Daily Capitalist Site Work

We are in the process of migrating the Daily Capitalist to a new server where we will have more control over the site and have a more robust system. You may have noticed that the site was down last night because of the host servers. They had a major outage so we are moving. You [...]


Keith Weiner Speaks At NZ Gold Conference

Our own Keith Weiner will speak on gold backwardation at “Gold and Economic Freedom” a symposium organized by Louis Boulanger with the collaboration of the New Austrian School of Economics in Auckland, New Zealand, November 28  – December 2, 2011. He will appear with his mentor, Professor Antal Fekete. The program is described as follows:

Sometimes called the [...]


Server Problem v. 3.0

This could have been part of the cause behind my server crashes. The “Dispirited Fed Chairman” article was carried by Minyanville which in turn was picked up by Yahoo! Finance which in turn was loaded up to the news crawl on the iPhone stock app. Apple has sold 70 million iPhones, so assuming 50 million [...]