Markit PMIs Show Changing Global Economic Trends; With Comments On Gold’s Possible Rebound

The first part of today’s post will be brief but will link you to a great deal of information.

Markit has been out today and yesterday with a vast amount of monthly economic updates.  The U.S. data is not out as of now.  Here is a LINK which gets you to the country and regional [...]


The Buck Stops Here: A BRIC Wall

Already on the defensive due to a persistent failure to achieve its stated policy aims, the US Fed was subject to much fresh criticism over the past week, including from the BRIC nations, collectively the largest foreign holders of US dollar reserves. While the dollar remains the world’s pre-eminent reserve currency, [...]


Run on the Dollar and Euro into Gold

Normally when one wakes up Monday morning to find that a months-old conflict is ending quickly, as was the case with the Libyan War today, gold sells off.  Yet it was up 2% overnight Sunday night.  Something else is therefore going on.  I propose that it is a not so slow-motion run on the U. [...]