Let’s Fall Off The Cliff

We all have been following the dance in Washington about the budget problem that makes headlines every day about how Congress and the Obama Administration are heading for a fiscal cliff. Savvy political observers say that Obama has the upper hand in this fight to lay more taxes upon the rich. The more frantic say [...]


Herman Keyne’s 9-9-9

Herman Cain Keyne is getting a lot of attention for his 9-9-9 tax plan. I think his plan is something he rushed out to get attention—it worked. One thing about Herman is that he knows how to sell. I wish Ron Paul would pay attention to this. I like Herman a lot, except for his [...]


Surprise! The Establishment Is Touting More Government As the Solution to the Housing Situation

 Bloomberg.com has been leading its website all day with another crony capitalist-type piece titled U.S. Housing Industry Stymied by Government.  The housing and mortgage industries want more goodies.   The article bemoans the tightening of lending standards.  The first expert it trots out is one of their favorite statists:

“It’s very important for a robust recovery that we [...]


Spending Restraint Part II

Here is part II of the Spending Restraint series from Cato.


Debunking Obama Tax Increases

This is another informative piece by Cato’s Dan Mitchell, through their Center For Freedom and Prosperity Foundation, on the proposed tax increases. Dan takes apart Obama’s chief economics adviser, Austan Goolsbee, on their assertion that such cuts “are costly” and that without an increase it would be unfair. Mitchell is cautious when he gets to [...]


It’s Simple To Balance The Budget Without Higher Taxes

Here’s Cato’s Dan Mitchell with his latest video on how we can balance the budget even with the Bush tax cuts if we just freeze government spending .




Government Spending Inhibits Economic Growth

This recent video from Dan Mitchell at the Cato Institute deals with a very serious issue: the level of government spending and the impact on economic growth. I don’t think I’ve dealt with this enough, although it is implied in much of my work. In this video, Dan discusses the Rahn Curve, which says that [...]


Cato's Dan Mitchell on Capital Gains Taxes

Here is the latest video from Cato’s Dan Mitchell. Double taxation of capital gains doesn’t encourage investment, he says. He’s right.


Do We Need Another Stimulus Bill?

More from Cato’s Dan Mitchell on Keynesian stimulus. It is an excellent recap of the promises and failures of the current economy.

I disagree with his conclusion that we are almost certain to recover in 2010.

I have previously written about the phenomenon that regardless of what the Obama Administration does, economies tend to repair [...]


Climate Change: Summary of Current Science

By Jeff Harding.

Cap and Trade, Global Warming, and Climate Change all have significant implications for we humans. The following analysis was done by Cato scholar, Andrei Illarionov, formerly Vladimir Putin’s chief economic advisor. As an economist he studied the available literature and synthesized the current state of the scientific evidence on climate change and [...]


The Health Care Debate

By Jeff Harding …..

The coming debate is not just about the freedom to make one’s own medical decisions. It is about life and death. If we insist on a dynamic and competitive market, health care will be better, cheaper, safer, and more secure. If we go in the direction of new government programs, mandates, [...]