Goons Versus Gold

When, more than 100 years ago, George Gilbert Williams, president of the famously conservative Chemical Bank, was asked for the secret of his success, he replied: “The fear of God.” You can have the fear of God or the socialisation of risk, but you cannot have both at once.


Dimon Geezer

“JP Morgan Chase last night announced a surprise $2 billion trading loss on credit derivatives trading, which chief executive Jamie Dimon blamed on “errors, sloppiness and bad judgment”, warning it “could get worse”.

- From The Financial Times, Friday 11th May 2012.

“The [...]


Telling Tales About Money

“With the US economy showing signs of recovery and fears about the eurozone sovereign debt crisis easing, investors are putting their money into equities and other assets geared towards economic growth rather than havens such as gold.”

— Jack Farchy, Financial Times, 23rd March.

 “Growth gloom bolsters government debt