China Bashing

This is a reprint from a column I write for a local newspaper. — JH

If you watched the last presidential debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney you got an earful about that evil bastion of trade manipulation, China. It seems that whenever a candidate for public office is desperate to attack [...]


China Falls To The Laws Of Economics

This report comes from Markit which does an excellent job of summarizing what is happening to China’s economy. They are slowing because of two things: the failure and fallout of stimulus (monetary and fiscal), and weakening export markets. They are exhibiting a classic response to the laws of economics as economies built [...]


China: Price Increases Coming

Reuters is providing advance notice that goods made in China are going to become a good deal more expensive soon; and this is expected to occur without an upward revaluation of China’s currency vs. the U.S. dollar. From the article:

“Apparel prices are going to go up. It’s as simple as that,” said Perry Ellis Chief Executive [...]


China's Fragile Economy, Its Housing Bubble, and What It Means To Us: Part I

We think that China is an indestructible economic juggernaut but its economy is very fragile and it is sitting on a property bubble which will burst. What China does in response has major implications for their economy and the rest of the world. This is the first part of a three-part series on this topic.