The Year That Was 2012

As readers of the Daily Capitalist know I, as a purveyor of unconventional economic wisdom, have a different take on … well, (almost) everything. I have some thoughts on the year 2012, a retrospective if you will of the really important economic issues in 2012. I and others here have written extensively about these issues [...]


The Bank for International Settlements Calls QE a Palliative

The august BIS is sounding as if it’s been reading The Daily Capitalist and at least accepting one or two of the points made here from time to time.  Here are quotes from’s Central Banks Face Power Limit as Debt Persists, BIS Says:

Central banks in developed nations are confronting the limits of their ability [...]


Turn The TV Off

“The S&P will continue to improve.”

“Lot’s of good buys here. Market rotation suggests industrials.”

“Don’t buy industrials.”

“Best Quarter since 1998.”

“There is a lot of risk going forward.”

“This wave is not over yet.”

The above chatter from CNBC on Friday [...]


Ray Dalio Of Bridgewater Takes Dim View Of Economy; Concurs With Daily Capitalist

With all the good economic news that has been coming out in the past two weeks one may question why we at the Daily Capitalist are bucking the opinions of the claque of conventional-wisdom economists. But now it appears that we have good company: Bridgewater Associates, one of the world’s largest hedge funds at $125 billion run [...]


The Obama Diet


Daily Capitalist Site Work

We are in the process of migrating the Daily Capitalist to a new server where we will have more control over the site and have a more robust system. You may have noticed that the site was down last night because of the host servers. They had a major outage so we are moving. You [...]


The Daily Capitalist And Jim Rogers

Speaking of e-mail exchanges with famous people, some of you may recall my exchanges with the Financial Times’s Martin Wolf.

In a never ending attempt to reach out to the rich and famous, I recently e-mailed the legendary investor, Jim Rogers. If you have followed his ubiquitous appearances on TV (see YouTube) you would think [...]


Gold: Why You Should Read The Daily Capitalist

 Those of you who heeded the Daily Capitalist’s DoctoRx on the 19th were no doubt happy that they lightened up on gold as he advised. If you didn’t or if you are new to this site, then I urge you to read his last post, “Short-Term Caution on Gold Bullion: Still Preferring the Miners.”

Silver has [...]


Happy QE Labor Day!


Workers Of The World Relax!




Server Crash v.2.0!

We apologize for the server problems we’ve been having. This is the second morning in a row that the site has gone down. Part of the problem is that our readership is growing substantially. Also my story on “A Dispirited Fed Chairman Emerges From Jackson Hole” was carried on the iPhone stock app news crawl [...]