Ken Rogoff Attacks ‘Crude Keynesian Stimulus”

Is the U.S. headed the way of Zimbabwe, with endless central bank monetization of the central government’s debt?

In a non-firewalled op-ed for the Financial Times, World is right to worry about US debt, which is introduced by the Op-ed editors with the sentence “America must face up to its responsibilities, writes Kenneth Rogoff”, we get [...]


The Hoax That Is The Infrastructure Bank

Does anyone seriously believe that the reason we have high unemployment in America is because we have a substandard infrastructure? 

Apparently the politicians in Washington believe that is so because they are trying to make a case for massive infrastructure spending in order to “create jobs” and to “prepare our economy for the 21st Century.” [...]


Obama Goes ‘Japanese’ — $447 Billion Of New Infrastructure Spending

The President just finished his jobs speech and I can report with high confidence that it won’t move the needle. In my article last week, “Unemployment Will Remain High Because Obama Will Do All The Wrong Things” I said that Obama would:

I suspect that President Obama in his speech this week will come [...]


Consumer Spending and the Debt Problem

It seems like we’re having great news today about consumer spending, at least if you read the articles coming from the Journal and Bloomberg. They don’t let you forget that consumer spending is 70% of the economy. They seem to ignore some of the basics of economics. If, according to them and their economist prognosticators, all we [...]