Bernanke Loosens Up

This excellent article by Austrian theory economist Frank Shostak appeared Friday on — JH

Bernanke Loosens Up

December 21, 2012

On Wednesday December 12, 2012 Fed policy makers announced that they will boost their main stimulus tool by adding $45 billion of monthly Treasury purchases to an existing program to buy $40 [...]


Why Estonia Is Beating The Eurozone

This article came in this morning from the Mises Institute about Estonia, a country we’ve been casually following because of its free market friendly policies. Frank Shostak is an economist I follow closely.

Why Estonia Is Beating the Eurozone

By Frank Shostak on October 18, 2012

Against the background of a severe economic crisis in [...]


Operation Twist Will Fail — Again

A fall in interest rates cannot grow the economy. All that it can produce is a misallocation of real savings. As a rule, an artificial lowering of interest rates (which is accompanied by the central bank’s monetary pumping — increasing commercial banks’ reserves) boosts the demand for lending; and this, as a rule, causes banks to [...]


JPMorgan and Central Banking

Whenever I struggle with an issue, such as banking regulation and the JPM situation, I find that the eminent Dr. Frank Shostak has already solved the problem. I’ve been thinking a lot about the current banking system and how it perpetuates Too Big To Fail banks. There is a free market solution to the banking system, actually, a [...]


Did Bernanke Prevent Another Depression?

This excellent article comes from the Mises Institute’s Frank Shostak, a well known Austrian School economist (see below). The charts are unfortunately very small and unfixable. — JH

In a lecture given at George Washington University on March 27, 2012, the chairman of the Fed said that the US central bank’s aggressive [...]


Why Mises Is Right And Fisher Is Wrong


On February 19, I wrote a piece on an interview with  Hoisington Investment Management economist Dr. Lacy Hunt by Kate Welling, a financial journalist, that was put out by John Mauldin (“Hoisington’s Hunt Says It’s Recession For 2012“). In that interview, Dr. Hunt discussed his admiration for economist Irving Fisher. I [...]


Exit Strategy: Can The Fed Stop Inflation?

By Jeff Harding.

Dr. Frank Shostak is Chief Economist for MF Global, the former trading arm of Man Financial, the world’s largest hedge fund. Man spun off MF Global as a stand-alone company. I believe he is the best (Austrian school) economist out there in applied economics because he makes his living prognosticating for a [...]


Is the US Economy Close to Hitting Bottom?

By Jeff Harding

This article by Dr. Frank Shostak just came in from the Mises Institute. Dr. Shostak is the former chief economist at Man Financial, the largest investment fund in the world, and now chief economist for MF Global, the trading arm of Man that was spun off into a separate company. When he [...]