China Bashing

This is a reprint from a column I write for a local newspaper. — JH

If you watched the last presidential debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney you got an earful about that evil bastion of trade manipulation, China. It seems that whenever a candidate for public office is desperate to attack [...]


From Phoenecia to Hayek to the ‘Cloud’

I have been meaning to reprint this lecture/opinion piece that the Wall Street Journal republished from Matt Ridely’s Hayek Prize lecture for the Manhattan Institute. I saw it again in Cafe Hayek this morning. So here is the entire piece. It strikes a note since I am now reading Isabel Paterson’s God of the Machine.



News Flash–Rare Earths Not Rare!

I wish to put a little perspective on the issues  hysteria surrounding so-called “rare earths.” The news media were abuzz about the announcement from Japan that rare earths were found on the seabed. Plentiful there, we are told. In fact, rare earths aren’t rare.

Rare earths are relatively abundant in the Earth’s crust, but discovered minable concentrations are [...]


Dump Trump

I have a profound dislike of the actor, Donald Trump.

Like many famous people, he believes he is smart, good looking, and rich, and those qualities are sufficient to qualify him for president. He’s not far off the mark if you look at many of our politicians. But, as a famous actor, he can use [...]


Mercantilism in Economics: A Prelude

This is a prelude to an article on free trade and the economics of trade. The article is in response to the common idea that Americans don’t make anything anymore, that China is leaving us in the dust, and that we don’t have a chance because we are lazy and losing our greatness as a nation.

Everything [...]


The United States: Export Powerhouse

Let the Chinese produce inexpensive consumer goods for us. We benefit from it as much as they do.

We export know-how.

Ignore the anti free traders who think we’re being left in the dust. Free trade is a win-win.

This information is from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Chamber Post:

The World Trade Organization [...]