Germany’s Outlook Darkened Further

The German ifo business climate index has fallen 1 point in Oct. after a 1.2-point decline in Sept. Both the current assessment (-1.2 points) and the future outlook (-0.9 points) deteriorated.

The expectation component deteriorated for 8 months in a row and was around 3 points below its long-term average in Oct. Growth of industrial [...]


U.S. vs. Europe, v.2.0

By Jeff Harding:

I saw this article in Bloomberg about the potential new Minister of Finance, Hermann Otto Solms, a.k.a. Hermann Otto Prince zu Solms-Hohensolms-Lich. The September 27 elections are expected to result in Solm’s party, the Free Democratic Party to win enough seats to become a coalition partner with Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union.