Jeremy Grantham Finds U.S. Stocks and Bonds Equally Unattractive, Likes International; One More Move Down Left for Rates?

GMO has now made its famous 7-year asset return forecasts visible on its website; previously they would email them freely to registered recipients.  They, primarily Jeremy Grantham, the co-founder, actually have quite a good record, though past performance may not correlate with future performance.  LINK.

While there is no way for yours truly to have [...]


Overoptimism in Fed Manufacturing Surveys Correlates with the Post-Millenium Struggles of Stocks

 I’ve started to think that one of the reasons that the stock market has underperformed such other asset classes as bonds and precious metals over the past decade relates to little more than overoptimism.  There is evidence that this may still be continuing, despite the Great Recession and the current spate of gloomy headlines on such [...]