Countdown To The Collapse

On multiple fronts there appears to have been a resumption of hostilities in the global currency wars. A subtle indication of this is the recently released report, Gold, the Renminbi and the Multi-Currency Reserve System, which I believe is highly significant for two reasons: First, it demonstrates that major global actors [...]


Nobody Knows

“Economists, like royal children, are not punished for their errors.”

James Buchan.

We lost another client last week. This makes a grand total of two clients who have left us over the past year, not because we lost them money, but because apparently we didn’t make them enough. [...]


The Austrians And The Swan: Birds of a Different Feather

This article was written by Mark Spitznagel, the founder, owner, and Chief Investment Officer of Universa Investments, LP, a $6 billion hedge fund located in Santa Monica, California. Mark is a student of Austrian economic theory and uses those ideas in his investment strategy. This paper originally appeared on Universa’s site [...]


A Rush From Sugar Or A Rush To Gold?

“We think we have an agreement, but we are not sure what it is.”

     —Negotiator at the Euro zone “crisis summit” last week, as reported in The Economist.

 “You don’t have to be paranoid to be terrified.” 


If a ballistics expert were so poor at his job that his [...]


Thanks DoctoRx – We Saw It Coming

U.S. and foreign stock markets took a beating today.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank DoctoRx who gave us a heads up on the markets starting early in May. In his articles since then he has continuously warned us about the stock market and gave us sage advice on gold, gold miners, and silver [...]


Paul Singer: The Fed — “A Group Of Inbred Academics”

Paul Singer runs Elliot Management, a $17 billion hedge fund which has a phenomenal investment record. It is one of those “almost-impossible-to-get-into-funds.” I used to get his letters every now and then and found his investment philosophy interesting and accurate. This article on his latest letter to investors came from the NY Times. Note that [...]