Demographic Changes and Surprise Weakening in Corporate Profits Might Support Even Higher Prices for Treasury Bonds

In an historical rarity, the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 Index are both below where they were five years ago.  In contrast, the price of gold and the price of Treasury bonds have each soared.  The combination of gold rising along with silver and many other commodities while at the same time [...]


The Fed, QE 3, and the Worsening European Economic Crisis

Will the Fed announce ”QE 3″ at the next FOMC meeting this month?  (Jim Rogers thinks it’s already underway.)

While the market reaction Friday and many of the media headlines suggest that this is virtually a foregone conclusion, caution in assuming such makes sense to me.  A much-ignored part of Ben Bernanke’s address at Jackson Hole two days ago, discussed [...]


Jim Rogers: Buy A Tractor

This is a great interview of Jim Rogers by Maria Bartiromo. Lots of give and take. He is a canny investor and has been mostly right. You should listen to the man.

His best line: finance has had a great thirty years, but there are too many MBAs and not enough farmers. Buy tractors and [...]


Jim Rogers Speaks … Again

Jim Rogers on the state of the world.


Clash Of The Titans: Marc Faber vs. Jim Rogers

This interesting article was published a few days ago on BusinessIntelligence-Middle East on the differing views of investment gurus Marc Faber and Jim Rogers. I think you will enjoy their points. Both live in Asia: Rogers in Singapore and Faber in Chiang Mai. Tell me who you think is right.

 Investment gurus Jim Rogers [...]


The Daily Capitalist And Jim Rogers

Speaking of e-mail exchanges with famous people, some of you may recall my exchanges with the Financial Times’s Martin Wolf.

In a never ending attempt to reach out to the rich and famous, I recently e-mailed the legendary investor, Jim Rogers. If you have followed his ubiquitous appearances on TV (see YouTube) you would think [...]


Jim Rogers Supports Ron Paul

Jim Rogers comments on Ron Paul. Crank up the volume.



Video: Jim Rogers At His Best

“Ben Bernanke has been wrong every month for eight years. I don’t know why anyone listens to him?”

Ideologue and one of the world’s most successful investors, Jim Rogers speaks the truth. And he does this over and over yet are people listening to him?

Interestingly, he always says he is a poor trader, but his [...]