What Next for the Markets?

In a recent post, I presented evidence that there is in many circles a great deal of optimism about the future for the U.S. economy.  Evidence for the extent of this optimism continues to accumulate, and not only for the U.S.  Bloomberg.com reports with a headline that is a bit ironic, in that 18 months [...]


The Sad Tale Of Three Big CRE Deals

Every now and then I like to update you on the real world of commercial real estate. One of the ways to do that is to follow the big investment pools that have invested in CRE. Trepp, a company that follows these investment pools, provides some excellent data regarding the properties that underlie these pools [...]


Why Real Estate Will Hold The Economy Back

Commercial real estate loans and residential housing will continue to be a significant drag on economic performance. Until the mass of over-built homes and commercial properties are liquidated credit will remain tight and unemployment will remain high.

The unfortunate fact remains that credit for most of America is still tight, banks are still trying to [...]