A Remarkable Coincidence That The Slight GDP Uptick Resulted From Government Spending

As a follow-up on yesterday’s report on GDP from Consumer Metrics Institute, this came out today from the Mercatus Center, by Veronique de Rugy. I am sure all this “good” news was merely a coincidence. While government spending does count as “spending” it is not the same kind of spending that businesses and consumers do. [...]


Historically High US Debt Bomb

Here is data from the Mercatus Center’s Veronique de Rugy on U.S. public debt. Not an encouraging scenario.

Drawing on data from the Congressional Budget Office’s long-term alternative budget scenario and historical estimates, [Veronique de Rugy] calculates fifty years of changes in debt held by the public and economic growth.

Each bar in the chart represents the rate of [...]


Why US Companies Refuse To Repatriate Foreign Earnings

The Mercatur Center’s Veronique de Rugy illustrates the need for corporate tax reform to include the adoption of a territorial type of tax system [i.e., one that doesn't tax foreign income].

As shown in the chart below, the United States has the highest corporate rate, based on the combined (central and sub-central government) statutory corporate [...]


How To Dent Your Pick: Cut Federal Spending

This is just in from Veronique de Rugy at the Mercatus Center on what happens to the federal budget with or without sequestration (automatic budget cuts:

This week, Mercatus Center Research Fellow Veronique de Rugy places the Budget Control Act’s sequester into perspective by illustrating the effect of sequestration on public debt. This chart uses data from [...]


Obama’s Jobs Scorecard

This came from Veronique de Rugy at the Mercatus Center.

The data show that since the enactment of ARRA in February 2009, unemployment has not approached previous unemployment levels again (7.6 percent when Obama took office, 9.1 percent today). Unemployment peaked at 10.2 percent in October 2009, an amount significantly higher than the Administration’s caveat [...]


The True Cost Of TARP

I received this email from the Mercatus Center’s Financial Working Group which has some excellent comments on TARP. Click on the link to Garett Jones’s interview at Reason on the “true legacy of TARP.” He makes some good points.

What Lies Beneath: The True Cost of TARP

In the last week, a rash of commentary [...]