World Entrepreneurship 2006 – 2012

This is not a good statistic. This is the latest data from the OECD. Note that this is a relative statistical construct (2006=100). While 2006 was not a bad year in the U.S., relative to other countries we are flatlining. In France start-up rates were boosted in 2009 and 2010 by new legislation supporting auto-entrepreneurs. [...]


Red Tape vs. You

This chart comes from Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX), Vice Chairman of the Joint Economic Committee. According to the press release,

The chart was constructed using information  posted on the Obama Administration’s website for the Small Business Administration and the Internal Revenue Service. It illustrates in vivid terms how excessive red tape impedes small and other businesses [...]


Looking at the Economy Through Gray Colored Glasses

By Jeff Harding.

[Updated October 1, 2009]

I try to balance my day by reading well known optimist and pessimist economists. My two favorites are Brian Wesbury of First Trust in Chicago as my “Mr. Sunshine” and Dave Rosenberg as my “Joe Btfsplk*” (the name “Dr. Doom” was already taken by Nouriel Roubini). I know [...]