NFIB Continues in Recessionary Mode, as the U.S.-Japan Analogy Plays Out

The National Federation of Independent Business is now out with its December survey results.  Given all the politics going on, the optimism/pessimism part of the survey is not worth commenting upon.  The actual earnings trends, however, are.  Here is the relevant graph (LINK):

For some reason, these companies have a baseline earnings trend of [...]


Small Business Surveys Suggest New Downtrend Despite Incomplete Recovery From the Great Recession

The National Federation of Small Business and Gallup have recently published results of small business surveys, which are consistent with other data which are presented below.

The recent trend has worsened according to several different sources.  Conditions had never improved to levels seen in prior business expansions, but the recently-reported sales and profits data have [...]


Gasoline Use and NFIB Survey Still Recessionary

Is the rising stock market correctly foreshadowing economic growth of a muddle-through nature with “risks” skewed to the upside?  The latest MasterCard gasoline usage data casts doubt that much has been happening in that regard in a article titled U.S. Gasoline Use Sinks 14% to Seven-Year Low, MasterCard Says:

Fuel use fell below a [...]