Why Romney Lost

This is a very thoughtful article on Mitt Romney’s failure to connect with voters. This is by Nicole Gelinas who writes for the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal. — JH

Staying on message meant looking irrelevant, reminding voters of a certain someone.

7 November 2012

Governor Mitt Romney lost on Tuesday not because the [...]


Movie Review: Margin Call

This article comes from the City Journal, a publication of The Manhattan Institute. 

“Greed Is Not Good”

By Nicole Gelinas

A new film takes the measure of post-millennial Wall Street. 28 October 2011

Using a tool that earnest Zuccotti Park protesters lack—precision—first-time writer and director J. C. Chandor has produced a devastating critique of pre-2007 [...]


Why Recovery Is Stalling – “The Mortgage Hangover”

I really like Nicole Gelinas’s articles in the City Journal. She says she has Austrian “tendencies.” She has written a wonderful article (“The Mortgage Hangover”) on the aftermath of the housing crisis and why the real estate market and the economy is not recovering.

She contends that among the reasons that we have not been able [...]