More Of The Same: Jack Lew

President Obama nominated Jacob “Jack” Lew as his new Treasury secretary. I couldn’t find any real information about his economic views, but I am confident he will follow the well worn trail established by his predecessor, Tim Geithner, and other Neo-Keynesians that populate mainstream economics in our capitol.

This is from Wikipedia:

Jacob Joseph “Jack” [...]


The Game of Thrones, American-style

This is how politics works in America. Politicians have always bought votes, nothing new there. This isn’t even a Republican-Democrat issue: both parties are guilty of payoffs, patronage, and largesse. But this is a good example of what the government can do through just one agency (Department of Labor) to buy a key battleground state. [...]


Obama Shrugs (The Core Of American Values)


I read President Obama’s stump speech given on Friday, July 13 at Roanoke, Virginia. I urge you to read it; it’s not too long. It is a kind of manifesto of current left-wing thought in America; it describes almost every policy and concept that leftists support and are working to implement. In general it [...]


Egos and Economists Who Yearn for the Nonexistent Past


Not only does Obama’s Shill-in-Chief Paul Krugman have economics wrong, he has economic history wrong as well.

One of the constant themes of Paul Krugman’s writings these days, other than shilling for Barack Obama and Democrats in general, is the walk down memory lane to the nation’s idyllic past where tightly-regulated industries [...]


The Obama Diet


Employers Go On Strike!

Here is a thought: employers go on strike. Sound familiar? Maybe that could go viral.

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I wonder what the #OWSers would do then?




 Hat tip to my Big Bro, Frank.



Obama Goes After E-mails Of Government Opponents

That great civil libertarian, Barack Obama, has apparently been tapping into the e-mails of anti-government agitators without giving prior notice to the individual, which would give the person a right to assert a defense against the government. In a great story run by the Wall Street Journal, they expose what has been going on (subscription [...]


Jobs: Desperation In The White House

“My concern right now—my singular focus—is the American people. Getting the unemployed back on the job, lifting their wages.”

Those words by President Obama reflect a certain desperation as his Administration and the Fed search for answers to the problems that vex politicians the most – the economy, specifically, jobs.

Add on to this the [...]


Is Manufacturing Leading A Recovery?

Is manufacturing leading us to a recovery?

The requirements usually associated with a recovery stemming from a rise in manufacturing are lacking in the present situation.

The classic analysis of a business cycle says that lower interest rates as a result of increased savings will stimulate borrowing by manufacturers of capital goods to produce goods [...]


More Stimulus Spending To Balance The Budget?

I don’t mean to pick on President Obama, but he just seems to be singing the wrong note time after time. Actually, that was a bit of a deception by me: I actually do mean to pick on our president. After his State of the Union speech where he promised everything to everyone, he went [...]


Nothing Has Changed

It is apparent to me that the factors that underlie the causes of our boom-bust cycle still exist. Nothing has changed.

While the President’s message to the nation was optimistic, much of his speech was dedicated to telling us how much we need the federal government to become “winners” in a globally competitive world. Alas, [...]