Book Review: Free Market Revolution: How Ayn Rand’s Ideas Can End Big Government

In Free Market Revolution, co-authors Yaron Brook and Don Watkins, colleagues at the Ayn Rand Institute, undertook a difficult task.

Since Ayn Rand made the case for egoism as the morality of capitalism in Atlas Shrugged (and more pointedly in Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal), numerous books have argued that free markets produce wealth, discussing various [...]


Movie Review: Atlas Shrugged, II

This weekend I saw the second part of the movie  trilogy ((hopefully) based on Ayn Rand’s famous novel, Atlas Shrugged. You can see my review of Part I here.

First, look at the box office numbers this weekend. Note that the movie opened Friday, so it has been released for 3 days. At No. 11 [...]


Atlas Shrugged Tonight!

It’s finally here. I’ve got tickets. For a look at how the movie was made see this article at Reason.


Atlas Shrugged: The Movie

It is a book that changed my life and the lives of millions. There have been rumors of a movie version of the book over the years but it never happened. Now, the movie is here, and judging from the trailers, it is done very well. The movie is coming in two parts in order [...]