Markit PMIs Show Changing Global Economic Trends; With Comments On Gold’s Possible Rebound

The first part of today’s post will be brief but will link you to a great deal of information.

Markit has been out today and yesterday with a vast amount of monthly economic updates.  The U.S. data is not out as of now.  Here is a LINK which gets you to the country and regional [...]


A Little More on Hard Times in Southern Europe

From The Telegraph come two articles today that demonstrate what even a touch of austerity and a lot of poor borrowing and lending practices have led to.  First, from Italy:More bikes sold in Italy than cars for first time time since WW2.  In addition to the title subject, the following appears near the end of the [...]


Thoughts on Greece and Portugal, Old Europe and the New World

The Daily Capitalist has kept the Greece financial situation in perspective.  Greece has borrowed not wisely but too well, so to speak, but at the end of the day, it has about as many people as the state of Illinois and the economic output of the modestly-populated state of Wisconsin.  The same is true of [...]