The Most Important Thing Stock Market Investors Have to Fear Is the Lack of Fear Itself

Things have come to a pretty pass.  The advance may be growing flat.  I say stocks are risky.  But they say that’s old hat.  Goodness knows what the end will be…  (Apologies to George and Ira Gershwin.)

Before Rupert Murdoch’s organization took over the WSJ and Barron’s, the latter used to be a great source [...]


Economic Data at Variance with the Optimistic Zeitgeist; Thoughts on This Dichotomy

 I want to share some updated thoughts here rather than in my trading blog because they tie into the broad theme that inadequate capital has been rebuilt following the “Great Recession” to allow a durable economic expansion in the U.S., and thus this sort of thinking makes it easy to accept the ECRI premise that unfortunately another [...]