Sulking In America

This article originally appeared in my regular column in a local newspaper. — JH

I’ve been sulking ever since the elections. Just about everything and everyone I voted for lost. Locally the opposition Republicans ran mostly bad candidates and lost everywhere. But so did the Democrats and they won. For the record I [...]


Our Malinvestment In President Obama Will Bring Painful Consequences

The choice for the status quo made in last week’s presidential election was an uninformed one—at no fault of the voters—made in the fog of monetary distortion and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s continuous campaign of disinformation.

President Barack Obama managed to overtake Republican challenger Mitt Romney on the exit poll question “Who is better [...]


We Just Had a Class War (And One Side Won)

This article by Jonathan Chait comes from New York magazine. You should know that Mr. Chait is a curmudgeonly liberal who writes frequently about politics. This is probably the best “big picture” analysis of the election I have seen. His critique of Romney is that he failed to define himself as [...]


Why Romney Lost

This is a very thoughtful article on Mitt Romney’s failure to connect with voters. This is by Nicole Gelinas who writes for the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal. — JH

Staying on message meant looking irrelevant, reminding voters of a certain someone.

7 November 2012

Governor Mitt Romney lost on Tuesday not because the [...]


2012 Voter Demographics

This graphic from the NYT is a good analysis of election demographics. It reveals the importance of the Hispanic and Asian vote. What the chart doesn’t do is weight the importance of each sector. In other words, the fact that Hispanics voted in larger numbers for Obama is not a surprise, but it doesn’t tell [...]


Three Reasons Romney Lost, Says Reason’s Nick Gillespie


Gillespie says that the Republicans lost because they are so out of synch with the rest of America on these issues. I would agree.


Stossel, Boaz Post-Election Analysis


Obama Wins Election!

This is what I see on the day before the election. Romney simply hasn’t got the electoral votes to wins unless the polls are completely wrong. Yes, they have been wrong in the past, but both Pew and Rasmussen, the most reliable pollsters, put Obama ahead. The result will be the “same ole’” thing: Republicans [...]


Game of Thrones: The Debate of Liars


I don’t like talking heads either, but … a few comments about the debate and the election.

It was fairly unanimous in the MSM that Romney won. Comments were that he was forceful, engaged, animated, presidential, challenging, and on the offensive. The president seemed lackluster, dull, unresponsive, and tired. All this is true.

Unfortunately [...]


Will This Ad Defeat Obama?

This anti-Obama ad is from the Republican National Committee. I thought it was the best ad I’ve seen so far from the Republicans. I would like to know what my readers think about it. As readers may know, I am not pro-Romney but I am anti-Obama. My belief is that Obamacare will be a crushing [...]


Julia: Who’s Your Daddy?

There has been a lot of controversy about Julia as we trace her life from infancy to old age. The interesting thing about this Obama campaign interactive graphic is that no men appear in Julia’s life and she makes it through retirement all by herself. Well, not exactly: she has the government [...]