Obama Wins Election!

This is what I see on the day before the election. Romney simply hasn’t got the electoral votes to wins unless the polls are completely wrong. Yes, they have been wrong in the past, but both Pew and Rasmussen, the most reliable pollsters, put Obama ahead. The result will be the “same ole’” thing: Republicans [...]


Does Anyone Believe Them?

This is a piece I wrote for a local newspaper, edited slightly for the blog. — JH

This is the political season, the every four year binge when our politicians pay billions to stay in power or to get power. Drive around your fair city and count the lawn signs. Turn on your [...]


The Fed May Fire Multiple Bazooka Rounds: Housing Bubble 2.0 Ahead?

Two decades ago, Dana Carvey got laughs by imitating President George H. W. Bush and saying:  “Wouldn’t be prudent”.  Those were “prudent” times- the Perot balanced budget movement, the recurrent tax rises to deal with budget deficits (not that I favor tax increases) and the like- but the point was made to the public.  If [...]


Will Ryan Make Any Difference?


This comment comes from Cato’s Dan Mitchell. He makes some very good points about Ryan. History shows that VPs don’t have much influence in the president’s cabinet, the exception being Dick Cheney in the W. Bush cabinet. The positive is that Ryan is a strong advocate of policies to reform [...]