Yen Bottom May Be In: Implications

Zero Hedge documents the end of the manufactured decline in the value of the yen vs. the USD (LINK).  This looks to be a good yen buy point, in my opinion, because a multi-year record amount of bullish positioning in the yen accompanied this decline.  One would normally expect at least a few percent reversal [...]


Are Chinese Stocks Signaling Yet Lower Lows In U.S. Interest Rates?

What do Chinese equities have to do with U.S. interest rates?  Perhaps more than one would think.  This is a multi-year chart of the Shanghai Composite (stock) Index:


Anyone who has a passing familiarity with what’s happened to U.S. interest rates the last several years can see there is a close correlation between [...]


The Bears Explain High Gas Prices

We have another lesson from the bears on economics, this time on gasoline prices. An excellent explanation from the mind of Omid Melikan. Enjoy.


Blessed Are The Speculators For They Shall Give Us Abundance

This article is from Don Boudreaux of George Mason University who publishes the Cafe Hayek blog. This op-ed piece was published in Newsday.

Don’t Curse the Oil Speculators

Nothing sparks spasms of poor economic commentary like rising oil prices. From left to right, pundits and politicians outdo each other at accusing evildoers of hurting good [...]