Some Stock Market Thoughts for 2013: U.S. Stocks Fairly Valued, Cheaper Markets Elsewhere

Will past be prologue with Value Line’s stock market predictions?  If so, if you’re interested in stocks, you perhaps can close your eyes for the next 51 weeks.  

Last March, as the Dow was surging (again) above 13,000, I noted in a post that at the very least, it appeared that stocks were ahead [...]


Downside Market Action Continues as Malinvestments Get Revealed; Equities Bounce Would Be Normal

I want to discuss some matters using links to charts.  Sometimes showing trends on a five-year basis is helpful, because the computer’s smoothing dispenses with some of the short-term data (“noise) to reveal larger trends better.  First, the U.S. 10-year Treasury has already mapped out a low below last year’s panic low– but now there [...]


Shocks for the Short Run

Forget stocks for the long run.  The unending round of “emergency” meetings regarding Greece and other economically challenged Eurozone countries is somehow reminiscent of the interminable conferences regarding the German war reparations that complicated the early 1930s.  Meanwhile, the plunging commodities prices that are posted suggest the possibility of a coordinated global recession.  This of course will be [...]


Ignore The Noise: News Reporting and Markets

I really enjoyed this article by Barry Ritholz (The Big Picture). I am not endorsing his investment advice, but his blog is often a source of interesting tidbits of data, especially the odd graphic.

Like Barry, I am an iPhone fan. Every morning upon awakening, I reach for it and check the markets and my [...]