Out Of The Frying Pan Into The Frying Pan

“The skill of the sports player is not the result of superior knowledge of the future, but of an ability to employ and execute good strategies for making decisions in a complex and changing world. The same qualities are characteristic of the successful executive. Managers who know the future are more [...]



“Sir, What could be more appropriate than rebranding euro bank notes with Europa* to improve security? The euro’s strength is a myth and its bosses’ attempted seduction is all bull.”

- Clark McGinn, Dublin 4, Ireland, in a letter to the Financial Times, 10.11.2012.

*Europa, in Greek mythology, after [...]


How The West Was Lost

“Sir, I see Sir Mervyn King has signalled that he no longer believes that price stability should be the Bank of England’s primary objective. Perhaps if he had his gold-plated, index-linked pension replaced by a private sector annuity pension he would be more focused on reducing inflation.”

Letter to [...]


A Beef Quiz*, And A Revisited Koo

Like a Hitchcock film. You did not need to see the blood and gore and violence – the hint of it and the menace that pervaded the office was worse.

—Theo Zemek cheerily describes the atmosphere at New Star Asset Management.


Just as there  are said to be no atheists in foxholes, try [...]